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When creating manual annotations of images showing the dorsal side of fire salamanders (picture taken from above), so far under “Viewpoint” we have selected the option “Up”, assuming this referred to the “upperside” of the fire salamanders. We have had matches with this approach, including matches with encounters that have only automatic annotations (with an automatic viewpoint selection?).

Only now have we discovered that we should probably have selected “Down” instead of “Up”, as explained here:
“Creating a Manual Annotation Each step needs to be completed for the next step to proceed to the next step.
In Select Viewpoint, choose the primary viewpoint that the photographer is observing the animal from, such as the animal’s left, the animal’s right, looking down at the animal, looking up at its belly, etc.”
source: Manual Annotation (beta) - Wild Me Documentation

How do we deal with this issue? Does it cause any problems? From now on, should we select the option “Down” or stick with “Up”? Thanks in advance!

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I’ll need more time to look into this and get back to you. If you start using the correct viewpoint labels going forward, we should be able to correct the viewpoint on your past uploads if we have a cutoff date where we know the incorrect viewpoint stopped being used.

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Thanks. We will use viewpoint “Down” from today onwards in all Botanical Garden Bielefeld projects.


Looks like the automatic annotations are labelled “Up”. I just submitted a bulk import today with 65 encounters. Of these, I deleted 38 automatic annotations and drew them manually again (labelling them “Down”). In the end, the stats read as follows:
“Total annotations: 65 (65 matchable)
{salamander_fire_adult=down}: 38
{salamander_fire_adult=up}: 27”
I’ll start the identification to see if I get matches with both viewpoints. If I don’t get matches with “Down”, I guess it’ll be more useful to stick with “Up”, since all other encounters are probably labelled that way.

One more update: now that I’ve run the identification of above-mentioned bulk import, it becomes clear that the manually annotated encounters with viewpoint “Down” yield nonsensical match suggestions, such as here:

For the time being, I will thus delete these manual annotations with viewpoint “Down”, replace them with new ones with viewpoint “Up” and see if that yields meaningful match results.

Hi @David.Kupitz Thanks for your patience.

While looking into this more I’ve learned that the way you’ve been doing it (labeling “up” while looking down at the salamander) is correct for ARW and the way Hotspotter was trained on it.

I’ve also learned that the help doc you referenced will need to be rewritten for better clarity since the way we explained up and down aren’t relative to the animal’s point of view and contributed to the confusion. We’re in the middle of internally migrating our help pages, so I won’t be able to make the update until that’s complete. The links will stay the same, this only changes how we publish those pages.

I’m sorry for the extra churn. :flushed: This had confused a few of my teammates until we completed our research.

No worries, Anastasia, it wasn’t too much extra work and I’m glad it has helped to get things clearer. Thanks for all your help!

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