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What Wildbook are you working in? ACW & Whiskerbook

I’ve had a question from Panthera about exports that I can’t answer - are viewpoints exportable?


It looks like they should be, but aren’t. The path to specify a viewpoint in the search results is:

Encounter Search > expand the Image Label Filters section > choose the viewpoint from the Has at least one annotation with viewpoint menu

But when I export a sample search, it doesn’t list any viewpoint data in the spreadsheet. However, the search results themselves all include encounters with the selected viewpoint.

(I’m also waiting to find out if we can make it exportable)

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It sounds like the answer depends on whether the export is per encounter or per individual. Did Panthera give you any other details on their use case?

They need to export certain data from Wildbook to import into their in-house data management tool once IDs are completed in Wildbook. Fields they need are: IDs, gender, comments and viewpoint. We’re hoping to avoid a need to customize a given export.

When you say it depends on the export source, can you tell me which export option for individuals has viewpoint included?

While we’re on the topic, they’re also hoping to be able to tag specific photos as reference photos - i.e. photos that are representative of the individual (best quality for main viewpoints like left & right). Any thoughts on a way to do this in Wildbook? Adding a keyword comes to mind but those are by photo not by encounter. Might work? Any other thoughts?

Thanks for your help.

Thank you. I did a test Individual export and there wasn’t any viewpoint data in the spreadsheet, either. I’m waiting to hear back about whether we need to make it exportable or if I’m missing some other step to get it in there automatically.

It’s the same as above, but starting with Individual Search instead:

Encounter Search > expand the Image Label Filters section > choose the viewpoint from the Has at least one annotation with viewpoint menu

Good question. I know we can do something similar in Codex by assigning a primary image on the individual page. If not using image keywords, maybe the comments in the Attributes section of the encounter could work (added as Encounter.occurrenceRemarks in a bulk import spreadsheet). That way if an encounter is cloned because of multiple annotations, the comment here stays with the cloned pages.

Hi @Anastasia - thanks for the ideas. The problem with comments in Attributes is the same, though, as keywords. They apply essentially to a photo not an encounter. If an encounter is cloned, my understanding is that it’s in order to create an encounter for a 2nd or more animal(s) in the same photograph. So those other annotations would be for other individuals, so not the correct animal for the reference picture. We’ll give keywords a try and see how it works out.

Follow up question for you on that - when I add a keyword within an encounter record, does that manually added keyword only show up in that encounter not all encounters from that same media asset? If so, that’s a good enough workaround for me. But if a manually added keyword shows up in all encounters from the same media asset, then that’s less than ideal for our purposes.


I’m testing this today via manual uploads and bulk imports to verify. I should have an answer soon.

Manual uploads:
I added a keyword before and after adding annotations to see if it would also appear on the cloned encounter. Regardless of when a keyword was added to an image, if that same image has a cloned encounter, all of the keywords remain with it across encounters.

Bulk imports:
Using Encounter.mediaAsset0.keywords will add the keyword to the image, but also will keep the keyword on cloned encounters if that image contains more than one annotation.

I was unable to get Encounter.keyword0 to work in any of my bulk import tests, whether I used a single word or multiple ones. This field remained yellow and would not import the test data during testing.

Jason mentioned that he’s working with you on making viewpoints exportable. I’ll leave this open until I get confirmation that it’s done.

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Hi @Anastasia, I wanted to check in on this again. I’m guessing @jason hasn’t had a chance to make viewpoints exportable yet but I’m about to kick off a big onboarding with Panthera in Africa (rainy season is imminent so they’ll all be back at their desks soon) and this was a loose end that they’re also looking for an update on. So any sense of ETA, once it’s back on @jason’s radar would be much appreciated.


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We don’t have an update or ETA on this yet. I’ll follow up here when I have any news on that front.