WB account request form is missing Whiskerbook

Hi there, since my presentation on Friday at the Leopard Conference, I’ve had a few enquiries from non-African leopard species to have access to Wildbook. I’m referring them to Whiskerbook but when I went to find the URL to refer them to, I noticed that the Wildbook Account request form on the Wild Me site doesn’t have Whiskerbook in the list. I believe WB for Jaguars is what has now become Whiskerbook but that’s not clear for new users looking to get a new account. Could someone fix this?



This explains why I see emails referring to the old site names (Whaleshark.org/Sharbook.ai or Wildbook for Jaguars/Whiskerbook, etc.). I’ll let the team know!

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The account request form is fixed now. Thanks for your patience!

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