What does the "alternate references" msg on target in match mean?

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
Just ran matches for an image and noticed an info bubble over the target image in the results that I haven’t seen before. Can you tell me what this represents/what the function is for?



This means that this image was sent as part of a different encounter than the one you currently are looking at the results for. This encounter you can visit via the link to the right of the “Annot” listing.

In this case the image/annotation is part of these two encounters:



One of them is associated with an import, and the other is not and contains slightly different metadata.

This is just to make you aware that the annotation exists elsewhere in the system to help you avoid duplication and aid data curation.


That’s weird. I mean, I understand what you’re saying but here’s the thing - this is one of the sightings where I had to manually add annotations to several of the encounters because they didn’t have any. I reported a bug later this am after finding several sightings (3 of 5 that I looked at) that had some very obvious annotations missed. Now it looks like the original image that didn’t have an annotation has one and there’s now a duplicate encounter with the same image - probably the one I created with the manual annotation. Which means I should go back and see if I have the same problem with other manual annotations I did this morning before I stopped and reported the missing annotations as a bug.
I’m concerned that what you’ve explained here is the result of a bug (same? different?). There should not be 2 instances of this same encounter, both with annotations now.

For these two encounters you can see from differences in the metadata and submission date that they were deliberately submitted separately.

The first link I sent shows a submission date of 07-02-20, does not list the photographer and has a different event date and location description. The one from the import shows a submission date of 08-05-20 and has no referenced import task and so must be a single submission. It also has more metadata set like ‘alive’ and ‘male’.

I can also tell that for this particular image the annotation was automatically placed, and identically so in both submissions.

We have not assessed the other images on this sighting yet, but the behavior with this particular image is not associated with a bug.

Okay thanks Colin. I believe I know what happened here. I forgot that Paul had done 3 uploads for a demo and I didn’t double check that I wasn’t duplicating when I did more cheetah uploads. All my fault. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the diagnostics. M

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No problem, glad to help.