What happens when a User leaves organization

Hello. I work on Grouper Spotter Platform. One of our users who has done all of our bulk uploads to date will be leaving our organization and likely losing his email address. If I delete this User ID would anything happen to all of the encounters he submitted under his name. Most of them don’t currently have a user name assigned but his name is listed at submitter. Do we need to switch anything over before the account is removed?
In the future I think we will create an account that is used by our group for all bulk uploads.

Hey there @accfish , thanks for asking!
Once an account has data associated with it, you should never delete the account. Deleting an account is primarily intended for the removal of test accounts during set up and troubleshooting.

Best practice is to disable the account. To disable an account in Wildbook, remove the roles and permissions, turn off email notifications, and change the password. This will ensure that data integrity is maintained while removing the user’s access, and will keep the account available should it need to be restored at any point.

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