Which field to enter ID # for bulk upload

What Wildbook are you working in?

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
Need to know what field to put our exisiting ID#s in the XLS for bulk upload.
woudl LOVE for it to show up as Alternate ID in table view and ALSO Export in XLS with data.

I see in the export xls, that the field Name.0.value has our ID #s in it. But I don 't know what field to import it in.

You could use the Encounter.alternateID field. This adds an Alternate ID to the Identity section of the Encounter. When exported, this shows up as Encounter.otherCatalogNumbers in the spreadsheet.

I’m not sure which table you’re referring to, though. Do you mean in search results or when you’re reviewing a specific bulk import?

In a test export, the Name0.value field displayed the current Marked Individual IDs for my encounters. For a bulk import, this corresponds to the MarkedIndividual.individualID field.