Whiskerbook bulk import stuck w/ no detection since the outage

What Wildbook are you working in? Whiskerbook

A user reported on Oct 10 that they have a bulk import that wasn’t getting through detection. Now that Whiskerbook is back up and running, could someone please push it through detection again? The Send to detection button is no longer available.


Morning! I just re-sent it through detection.

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Hi @Anastasia, could you please check on this one for us? The batch still hasn’t completed a single detection. thanks!

I jut re-sent it to detection again. I’ll monitor the progress on this one today to make sure it doesn’t stay stuck.

We’re still looking into this since it’s not responding to manually forcing it through detection.

Maybe I should ask the user to delete it and re-import it, assuming they kept the files? I’ve asked for the spreadsheet but I don’t think that’s part of the problem.

No, that’s not necessary unless they’re on an immediate time crunch. We’re interested in figuring out what’s causing this and we’re pretty sure right now it’s not the imported data.

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It doesn’t seem like they’re in too much of a hurry so I’ll leave it be for now.


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I’ve just sent the related upload file to the services at wild me email address, just in case it’s useful. It looked good to me though.


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It’s finally completed detection and is ready for ID.

If there are any issues with ID completing on this one, I’d say at that point have the user delete it and reimport it. There was no definitive reason we could find for why this specific import was uncooperative.