Zebra Codex Missing Matches

Hi @Anastasia
After Re_runniung ID’s on March 17th, some finished identifications on 23rd March and other still running. I think it is taking time to finish. The little that are through with identification, the candidate photos are not coming up, for the lucky one with the correct match still I can’t match annotation since it has no photo. Other cases the candidate and the query annotation match, but the system gives me the wrong annotation to merge with.

Please check the attached screen shots.

Hi @Rosemary

I’m setting this as its own topic since it’s a separate issue than the website not being available.

Can you give me the links to the sightings that are missing a match candidate, missing match photos, and the links to the match and merge pages with the wrong annotation so I can start digging into this?

Thank you!

Here are the links

Match results for sighting b064d2e2-be87-42fb-9511-65adb196a4c2 • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

Match results for sighting e48f94d4-ffd5-4224-a152-2f79c1c48460 • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

Match results for sighting 33c22726-9f1e-4bfc-8faa-49ca9f50ce68 • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

In this one the orange box is changing positions as per the rank number but the photos are not changing.
Match results for sighting 8af86dd2-70fe-43d5-bc9e-6f92d8bb292d • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

I’ve re-run identification on the ones with no match candidates and now they’re in the identification queue. They should come back with match candidates when they’re complete.

What’s strange about this one is that it shows me images for each match candidate and then switches to broken images when I click back to them. I’ve asked our devs to look into this one.

I’ve shared this one with our devs, too. Candidate 3 should show an image of a grazing zebra.

I clicked on the broken image and after waiting for 4 to 5 minutes, the photo appeared. It shows they are some delays somewhere.

This happened also to the candidate photos which are not changing as annotation box moves from different rank to another. Given time, they open.

Again, the candidate’s ranks were showing up to 20 possible matches. Now some have 2 others 6 others 18…are they any changes or it’s due to the same delay.

I hope we shall get back to the normal speed.


Thanks, @Rosemary, I noticed this as well and shared it with the team.

Thank you!
We are waiting.

Hi @Anastasia,
Any update so far please

These both show a match candidate now.

No more broken images in this one.

This one is still misbehaving. I’ll see if I can get an update about what’s happening with this one.

I’ve re-run the match for https://zebra.wildme.org/sightings/8af86dd2-70fe-43d5-bc9e-6f92d8bb292d

Let me know if you still see issues with it after identification completes.

I just checked on the match results and verified that they’re all displaying unique images now. Thanks for your patience.

I have noted that the photos on the candidate side are taking a lot of time to display. Anything to make it display photos a bit faster will be appreciated.

Can you let me know which sightings aren’t loading right away? I just checked the match results for the previous links in this thread and all of them appeared right away for me.

I have created a new topic.

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