ACW Bulk import stuck in detection

Hi @Anastasia,

Sorry to jump-in I’m not sure it’s the appropriate “channel”.

I think this upload is also stuck in detection : Wildbook for Carnivores | Login
Import Task 231bf170-99a0-4ea4-96fa-da1fa0d33a64
But I’m not sure how to know the import is stuck or just in queue ?

Please let me know if Ithere is a better procees to report issues like this,
Thank you,

Hi @rhorion

I’ve put this in its own topic since the one you replied to was already resolved. From the user side, there isn’t an obvious way to tell if your detection is stuck or just waiting in a long queue. In general, if it’s been more than a few hours or a day, it’s safe to assume it’s stuck since detections tend to complete quickly in comparison to identification.

This one does look like it may be stuck, so I’ll work on it and let you know when I have an update for you.

Hi @rhorion

It looks like your import is missing the Taxonomy. Make sure to always include the species in your spreadsheet otherwise ACW won’t know which detection algorithm to use for your encounters.

You’ll want to delete this import, update your spreadsheet, and re-import with the corrected spreadsheet.

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Hi Anastasia,

Thank you very much for your quick response! I deeply apologize for the oversight; I’ve also noticed this silly mistake. I’ve already corrected it, and everything is working perfectly now. Thanks again!


No worries! It’s more common than you think. I’m glad we could resolve it quickly. :slight_smile:

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