Best way to correct annotations in a full dataset

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

A researcher would like to review all of the images in her dataset prior to running matching, in order to add/edit/delete as needed. She’s finding a substantial # of pics with multiple individuals where one or more either has not been detected or where multiple individuals are annotated as one.

She doesn’t want to run matching until these are all corrected because she doesn’t want to miss any possible individuals in the dataset.

The approach she was going to take was to use: “View My Submissions” > click the “Matching Images/Video” tab and then use the Add annotation function there. It’s an easy way to scroll through the images in her dataset to see which ones need fixing.

The problem is, that display of “Matching Images” is dynamic not static. So clicking on Next/back doesn’t take her systematically through her dataset, it just serves up a random selection of her images.

So our question is, if this isn’t going to work as a way to systematically clean up her annotations, can you tell us what is the best way to accomplish this?


Putting this question before the team since it’s a best-practices question. Will let you know what we come up with.

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Sounds good. Just a follow up thought - it doesn’t need to be ‘best practice’ really, we’re just looking for a simple and straightforward way to systematically review and clean up all of the annotations in her dataset so that when she runs matching, she doesn’t keep having to leave that task to go clean up media assets that need it in order to present properly for matching. I hope that makes sense. thanks

After much deliberation, our best suggestion is to use this screen, but put in more specific search parameters. If you search by sighting or region, you will have a smaller set to work through. We don’t really have anything oriented at scaled user review (as you well know).

Hi @tanyastere, I’m confused - is the recommendation is to use the "“View My Submissions” >
“Matching Images/Video” tab screen? Because I was told, and I can’t find a way to filter that with any criteria.