BULK change of shark IDs for East Coast Australia Carcharias taurus

What Wildbook are you working in? Sharkbook

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred? Firefox

I would like to request a bulk change of IDs used in Sharkbook for the carcharias taurus sharks that exist in east coast of Australia (see the sites below).

Can you please (super carefully as I am very nervous about this!!!) change all the shark IDs in Australia for the Carcharias taurus that are in the nomenclature of Lxxxx and change them to GNS-xxxx. DO NOT CHANGE THE NUMBER. Just swap “L” with “GNS-”

Happy to chat on this before we go live to make sure its fully understood?

East Australia

Cape Byron

Broughton Island

Big Seal

Bait Grounds, Forster

Bushrangers Bay, Shellharbour

Cherubs Cave

Cod Grounds, Laurieton

Coffs Harbour

Dalmeny Point

Diamond Bay, Vaucluse, Sydney

Drum Drumsticks

Fairy Bower

Foggy Cave, Terrigal

Flinders Reef

Fish Rock

Flat Rock

Green Island

Julian Rocks

Long Reef, Sydney

Latitude Reef, Forster

Little Seal

Montague Island

Magic Point

Mermaid Reef

North Bondi

North Solitary

Pinnacle Forster

Skeleton Reef, Forster

Seal Rocks

South Bondi

South Solitary Island


The Barge


Wolf Rock

Wreck Bay

Gold Coast


North Stradbroke Island


Hi @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark

I’ll need to research this with @jason first, but I’ll follow up here with any clarifying questions afterward.

Thanks for your patience. While the name change itself would be pretty straightforward on our side, you’d need the permission of every researcher with Encounters associated with each of those sharks to sign off on the name changes.

Great - until I get my user management issue resolved, would you be able to confirm who all the researchers are so that I can start communicating this change with them?

I’ve fixed your role assignments so you should be able to view the users who own encounters with each of the individuals: User Management - Admin access denied

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