Can't add encounters to a project

Hi, Anastasia:

I’m reviving this topic because we’re experiencing a related issue, namely, being unable add Encounters to a Project. Our PI, who has Researcher Privileges was unable to do it and neither was I. Please see attached screenshot.

The only difference is we are not attempting to add Public Encounters, per se, but ones we (I) originally submitted under my user name.

Any tips you could give me to expediting this process would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Mike

Hi @scubapro25

I’ve moved this to its own topic since they’re similar, but unrelated issues.

It’s just you and Victor on the project and neither of you could add Encounters created by you to it, is that correct? And you were the one who created the project?

Hi, Anastasia:

Yes, that’s correct. I’m the creator of the project and Victor is our PI. We also recently added Jess Schulte as a Researcher who will need to add her photos as well.

Michael Bear

Ok, thank you. I’m going to do some testing and I’ll follow up with any questions or findings as I have them.

I added my test researcher account (with the researcher role only) to the project as a user to add a test encounter to it and it was added successfully.

We actually did some role cleanup in Sharkbook today. Do you or Victor mind trying to add an Encounter to the project again to see if the issue is still there? I suspect one of the deleted roles may have been the original culprit.

I’ve removed my test account and encounter from your project in the meantime.


Please see the attached screenshot–Sharkbook is refusing to import our Approved Photos. Not sure why

Screenshot from 2024-02-22 19-54-12|690x464

Thanks for following up. We’ll keep researching the cause. Thanks for hanging in there.

Can you send me the URL for the Encounter search you used to add to this project?

These are the Approved images from our 7 gill project when ‘la jolla’ is used as the filter. We have to use this to filter images, because if we use ‘Cepedianus notorynchus,’ images from other researchers’ 7 gill projectspop up and they are supposed to be siloed. Make sense?

See also: Sharkbook: Wildbook for Sharks | Login

Sorry, still getting the same result.

Thanks for the link! I suspect the issue may be related to these search results including Encounters submitted by users who aren’t in your project and that’s stopping the public encounters from being added, too. I should have an update soon.

Thanks for looking into this. If what you say is true, this is going to be an issue moving forward, as 99% of our submitting users are not part of our project–they were simply members of the diving public who were submitting photos in the name of citizen science. On the other hand, since many photos were sent to me to be submitted on their behalf, we should be able to import any photos submitted under my user name: mbear.

When I add the public username as an additional search filter to add just the public encounters to the project in my researcher test account, I get the same error. As a researcher, I’m able to add my own encounters to the project. I checked our docs and it seems that adding a collaboration with the public user should allow this, but I got the same error even after the collaboration was set:

We have a ticket for this that I’ve added this post to as a reference: Public encounters can't be added to a project · Issue #329 · WildMeOrg/Wildbook · GitHub

Great–thanks for your help on this, Anastasia.

Good news: continued testing means that we’ve got more clarity on who can add encounters to projects. The user adding encounters needs to have an edit-level collaboration with the owner of each encounter (unless they’re an admin). OrgAdmins can add encounters to a project that belongs to anyone in their org.

Additionally, this should no longer apply to the public user. Any researcher should be able to add encounters submitted by citizen scientists to their projects. I was able to successfully add the public encounters from your search to your project.

Hi, Anastasia: thank you for your efforts to help us and I wish I could say that your solution fixed our issues, but unfortunately, we seem to be getting a whole slew of new issues and error msgs. Above and beyond the original issue I reported here. I will try and detail them below. If you think I should open another ticket, just let me know.

  1. Says ‘loading results table’ even before a search in initiated [minor]

  2. A search under ‘La Jolla Cove’ [case sensitive] brings up a whole list of unrelated sharks species from other areas of the world–see attached screenshot.

So, I tried with Chromium browser to see if we had any better luck, in case it was an issue with Firefox and got this:

Error Msg when trying to access Projects

"HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error
Type Exception Report

Message javax.jdo.JDODataStoreException: Cannot get a connection, pool error Timeout waiting for idle object

Description The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.

HI @scubapro25 There’s a planned server outage today. What you’re describing sounds related to that. Let me know if you’re still experiencing this after the outage is resolved.

OK, will do–thanks!

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This fix is included in our latest Wildbook release: Wildbook Release Notes - February 2024