Change wording on adoption page

Reopening this as I’ve just been forwarded an email from someone who was unable to complete an adoption. They say they’ve made three payments and are still unable to create a profile and nickname the animal. I believe this is the encounter for the manta they want to adopt: 7c6e0d3d-6796-4b23-a4ca-775cf4e66f94. I’ll forward you all the email chain in question.

Also, could you remove the (n) from the manta adoption page, so it reads “Adopt a manta”, not “adopt a(n) manta”?

Hi, @AFlam !
I split this into a new thread to make it easier to track the new task.

I’ve followed up with the adoption user via email and included you in the conversation.

The ticket for changing the wording on the adoption page is: WB-1891. I’ll follow up here when that change has been deployed.