Detection requests do not load: fraser's dolphin

Hi, I have now the exact same problem for the Fraser’s dolphin, detection task is not being processed.
Import ID : Import Task 88b16ea8-5658-4ed6-a71e-776d62e226d8 (2023-05-30)
Do you think it could be solved as it has been for the short finned pilot whale?

Hi @rebeca , thanks for writing in! I’ve moved this to a separate thread so our support team can easily keep track of what requests are open.

Based on your previous post, I went and confirmed that the species is not configured for detection. I’ve got this on the to-do list and we’ll get this sorted for you shortly. I’ll post back here once we get that update in.

All the best,

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Hey @rebeca ,
We got Fraser’s dophins configured, and we ran your import through ID. hopefully you’re up and running now. :crossed_fingers: Let me know!