IoT matching issues

Hello Anastasia,

To follow up from previous issues, we are still having problems with matching. When we uploaded all images to the Internet of Turtles and viewed our submissions there were many that had been duplicated. We checked them all and there were multiple errors such as new annotations. We have recorded these and so have on record which ones to ignore and the original uploads can be searched.

All uploads reported “no match found” even though we know turtles were reencountered over multiple years due to presence of flipper tags, so we know some should match.

We were advised previously the problem was due to there being no “location ID” selected during upload and instead, we just input the name of the place and the coordinates. We then went through all uploads and edited the uploads to include location ID.

As the uploads had then been edited, we had to select “start new match” rather than “match results” as “match results” was not updated with the new location ID.

When we selected “start new match” they look a very long time to load (in fact they never finished loading and the system stated “attempting to fetch results”)

We contacted the community forum again and were told this was due to the program Hotspotter contributing to long queues and taking up disc space thus causing jobs to fail, they disabled Hotspotter as a default algorithm from all the uploads which left the Internet of Turtles just using MiewID for photo recognition.

We sent over a handful of encounters to the community forum for you to investigate and only a few worked, the majority of my encounters do not. There are approx 200 that did not match.

Below are 10 randomly selected encounters from all our uploads. If you click the little menu by the side of an image and select “start new match” you should see the issue.
It seems it is the system itself that is not loading results.

Could you please advise what to do? Should we re-load everything in a new account as this account does not seem to work?

Thanks Nicole

Hi @nesteban

I’m going to move this to its own topic as the previous one was already marked as resolved.

It sounds like there are multiple issues you want to address:

  • Uploading a single encounter results in a duplicate encounter being created
  • No match candidates are displayed on some encounters even though you’re confident these turtles are known individuals in IoT
  • You expected that updating a location ID on an encounter would automatically re-run ID against the updated location ID
  • Long wait for ID to complete/ID does not complete at all

Is this accurate? Typically, we tackle one issue per support topic to streamline troubleshooting. I mainly want to clarify if you’re asking for our help with the match results of the linked encounters you provided plus the above bulleted issues, or if you were summarizing previous issues you’ve had in IoT that are now resolved.

Hello, thanks for getting back to me. I was summarising all the issues over the last few months and how we have tried to address them. The key issue is: ID does not complete at all, and No match candidates are displayed on some encounters even though you’re confident these turtles are known individuals in IoT. The links are for examples of some of the uploads where matching process is incomplete.
Thanks, Nicole

Thanks for clarifying! For some of these images with the top down view of the shell or partial captures on land can make the annotations imprecise as these viewpoints weren’t well represented in our training data for hawksbills.

For example, the 4 images in your first encounter link where the annotation isn’t fully around the turtle’s body or face would mean that ID couldn’t successfully run from these annotations because they’ve cropped the turtle. In those instances, we’d recommend deleting the existing annotation and adding a new one from the same menu so you can draw it manually. And restart a match from it. The caveat being that match results from these viewpoints may not be as varied because of their lack of representation in our training data.

The rest of the match result for that encounter haven’t been re-run again since January 2024, before the location ID was added in March 2024. I’ve resubmitted those annotations to ID and see match results for them now.

In terms of wait times, if you select Hotspotter when you re-run a match, it will take much longer to get those results. It’s off by default since MiewID is faster, but it will still take MiewID a few minutes for each match to complete. “Attempting to fetch results” may appear for a few minutes until the results are ready.

Looking at the second encounter link you shared, I do see a few empty Hotspotter results from January 2024, so I’ve re-run those with MiewID and I see match candidates appear now. I did not re-run results on annotations that cropped the turtle’s face or shell or ones where match candidates were already available. I prefer to let users delete and manually redraw their own annotations unless I’m asked to.

I’ll continue going through the rest of your links and resending annotations with missing matches to ID. I also want to take this chance to point out that match results are only a snapshot in time and represent candidates based on what was available in IoT at the time it was run. Match results can quickly become outdated as new data is uploaded since old results haven’t factored in any of the new uploads that occurred since it was run.

With your permission, we’d like to use the images you’ve uploaded to help retrain our detector with these viewpoints so that we can improve detection and ID for this species.