Issues with match results in IoT

Hi Anastasia!

The initial issue mentioned in this thread from 2021 has been fixed. Our ORP accounts are currently able to assign IDs after the algorithm has come up with a match.

The issue we have at the moment, is that annotations are detected correctly, but the matching process does not finish, with encounters stuck in not having the options to review matches in the dropdown menu, or when clicking through to “match results” we recieve either a) stuck in “attempting to fetch results” or b) no photos under the match options, which sounds similar to what is listed in your updated ticket link.

→ “IoT initially loads but when I run a match I can see the numbers for the matches but no photos underneath like normal. Sometimes the numbers disappear as a scroll down the page.”

Example encounters:

Would you like me to open a different ticket for the issue?


Thanks for letting me know! I’ve moved this to its own thread because this looks like there’s something going in with WBIA in IoT. Once I verify that it’s working correctly, I’ll follow up to see if these issues still persist.

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Thanks for your patience. All of the outstanding issues with WBIA in IoT have been resolved. There wasn’t a specific issue that was causing matches to not load, but multiple small things that all resulted in folks not getting their matches in a timely manner. I checked your encounter links and verified that matches now load.

Hotspotter was also disabled as a default algorithm for Hawksbill and Green sea turtles due to the amount time it was adding to complete jobs and the amount of disk space it takes up (which leads to more errors loading matches). It’s still there as an option if you want to manually re-run any matches, it’s just no longer run by default on every encounter.