Location IDs missing

What Wildbook are you working in?

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?




Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
I “reported a new encounter” with some photos. During the encounter creation process, I could not add my location ID’s. I see Peru, Mexico, and other areas, but the Afghanistan Location IDs do not exist. I’m not sure why as I’ve added them in through bulk import.

So now, the encounters do not have the proper location Id, and I think that’s why the visual matcher does not work on the rest of my dataset. I cannot add it into the dataset.

Can you provide steps on how to reproduce what you’re experiencing?
Firstly, when I try to create an encounter, and I try to change the location Id. None of the Afghanistan location IDs for my data exist in the system. I have no idea how to add those.

Next, go to the visual matcher, and you will see a number of candidate encounters also with no location ID. If you go to the dropdown menu below candidate encounters and try to change the location Id to any other camera trap station, then there will be an error that says no candidate matches.

Hi @evebohnett

These have been added in.


Hi @evebohnett

To clarify further, we currently need to have Location ID’s added by a WildME team member.

So even if you want a new ID in your bulk upload you should request them to be added in advance.



Great thanks for adding them! I can see them and add them to any new encounters.

There is also an issue with reported encounters, that when I use the visual matcher it seems to go to some subalternate “new encounter” matching system, instead of matching against all of the data.

For example: https://www.whiskerbook.org/encounters/encounterVM.jsp?number=6658a2dd-c8ea-4f70-a8b8-0bf330de8c05&mediaAssetId=199990

If you go to this page then you will see the new encounter, and when I try to go to C18_Khundud at the dropdown below the candidate matches, then I can see the images from only new encounters that I’ve created through the “report an encounter” system. All of the other 20 or so encounters from C18_Khundud are not available. Other camera stations without new encounters will say there are no candidate matches.

I did manually approve these new encounters myself using the metadata button to approve them manually to move them from unapproved to approved. Is there another step to integrate “reported encounters” into the entire dataset?