Luangwa and sub-sites - GiraffeSpotter

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?

I am the admin of the whole Luangwa Valley and I work with different stakeholders in the Valley who also upload their giraffes in GS. It is extremely important that all those sub-sites are being matched against each other.

What we would like to have is multiple sub-sites in the Luangwa:

Luangwa North
Luangwa South
Lower Luangwa

So, all the giraffes in the Luangwa need to be matched against each other at all times.

We want to use all data across the Luangwa landscape to help estimate numbers, distribution, etc. Therefore, this is critical to sort out.

Would this be possible for you to carry out please?
And can you make me an admin of the whole Luangwa including the sub-sites please?

Maybe the addition of Location ID should not have be a Feature Request?

It seems that all Admins should have this ability, is this hard coded into the system somewhere for each Wildbook?




@PaulK This isn’t about adding new location IDs, it’s related to this support request where Frederike wants any encounters submitted in Luangwa and its sub-regions to automatically be compared with each other without having to manually select each region before matching.

Currently, adding new locations to Wildbooks is a process that happens outside of the platform and as a result, only staff can create them.