Manual annotation questions

Great, thanks. I found that button!! Very easy to delete things.

Also, I uploaded and added many photos earlier in the week. It seems they are still waiting for detection. It seems I’m spending a lot of time adding annotations because the detection was not automatic. Is this something I normally have to request gets run on the photos?

Another thing that’s coming up is that I added a new batch of photos and a new spreadsheet, when I run the hotspotter then it appears to only be running on that set of new files. The visual matcher works fine and I can see all other encounters from each location from the larger set of files.
Not sure exactly what needs to happen to merge the two for the hotspotter to match against the whole database.

Hi @evebohnett ,
I moved your questions to a new thread. This is done to make it easier for us to track the questions that are asked and to make the community more searchable if someone has similar issues.

Now to your questions.
What process did you use when uploading and adding new photos? Single submission or bulk submission?


Hi, @evebohnett and @tanyastere !
Is this still an active thread, or has it since been resolved?

Many thanks,