New "confirm no match" functionality

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW + WKB


I noticed a new action option on the match results page - “confirm no match”. Can someone explain to me what this is intended to do? Is it per this feature request and its follow up feature request:
Original request: Ability to mark a match result as "not a match"
Follow-up request: "Confirm No Match" functionality

Currently, it appears as the default when I open a match results page. As soon as I click on a match candidate, the “confirm no match” blue button at the top right of the page disappears:
Confirm no match is available here:

Confirm no match is no longer available when I check any of the match candidates:

Here’s the url for the match results page in the screenshots above: Wildbook for Carnivores


Hi @ACWadmin1

I’ve only seen it appear when viewing matches within a project. I’ll see if @jason made any changes for this.

I talked to Jason and it sounds like it may have unintentionally appeared as a result of other updates he was working on in ACW and Whiskerbook. I’ve only seen it appear when a project is selected from the Project Selection drop-down menu next to the Image Scores button.

The way it should work is that when you determine none of the match candidates are the same as the animal in the encounter, you click Confirm No Match and it assigns the next available ID according to the assigned project prefix. I’m not sure how this works when no project is associated with the review.

Thanks @Anastasia. I appreciate the clarification.