New ID queue status - what does "suppressed" mean?

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

We really love the new status by encounter in bulk imports for the ID queue. But I’ve just seen a status I don’t understand - “suppressed”:

What does it mean? In this instance, the system appears to still be working and hasn’t got a set of match results yet, but I can’t be sure because “suppressed” could be interpreted to mean “stopped” in some way?

Your help is much appreciated!


I’m still trying to get an answer for this one for you and Paul: Bulk import ID task status message - Suppressed

I’ll update both threads when I find out more!

I’ve re-run ID on this import. This was an import made before the new status code rolled out, so the status type on this one is inconsistent with the usual ones we expect to see (queueing, error, or completed).

It should look better once ID is complete.

Thanks Anastasia

I had a suspicion that this might be a temporary state created when rerunning detection on a bulk import (accidental or deliberate)



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Seeing this again on another bulk import.

Any thoughts?



@ACWadmin1 @Anastasia

I don’t think this is related to re-running of bulk imports through ID as I’ve seen it on first runs through ID.


Anything that appears as “suppressed” should be re-run through ID (I just re-sent this one).

This kind of behavior is what Jason was cleaning up in ACW, but the changes weren’t retroactive, meaning newer imports won’t run into this, but older ones (like the one above from 2022) may need to be re-run if their status appears as suppressed.

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Thank you.

I will start to rerun bulk imports from 2022 that user has not curated and did not report as having issues.

I will keep you posted.



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Following up to mention that I’ve updated the Bulk Import FAQ docs with an explanation of ID statuses:

  • waiting to queue - Images haven’t sent to WBIA yet
  • queuing - Trying to send images to WBIA
  • queued - Images in WBIA, waiting for them to come back
  • error - Something went wrong. Let us know in the Community Forums.
  • exception - Something went wrong. Let us know in the Community Forums.
  • suppressed - Something went wrong. Let us know in the Community Forums.
  • completed - Done; images back from WBIA
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