New Individual in an Encounter/New Encounter

What Wildbook are you working in?

Hi there, I’m not having technical issues. I simply cannot remember the steps to separating out new encounters in the platform. If I find a new snow leopard in the same photo, then how to I add a new encounter? I was shown this at training and my notes do not match up with the steps.

Can you describe this situation a bit more? Do you mean you submitted a photo, detection found a snow leopard, but it also missed one, and now you want to indicate to the system that an additional snow leopard is in the photo and a new Encounter should be created?

Yes, how would I add a missing snow leopard or a new encounter to an existing occurrence?
I am hoping to pass this info along to the interns who are volunteering.

On the Encounter page, you can set ID and related Occurrence here:

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