Multiple conflicting individuals in a single encounter


It appears now I am back to this issue of having an encounter that has several different individuals, and these individuals have all been annotated and named under the same individual ID. I need to split the encounter up into different individuals. Is this a matter of deleting the annotation and then adding a new annotation, or should I delete these images from the encounter and re-upload them?

For example this one:

From just looking at it briefly it appears to be one snow leopard appearing and reappearing in front of the camera. However, looking at the tail we can see it is three different individuals. Perhaps a mother and juveniles, and since snow leopard cubs can be two-three years old and still with mom they are often large.

I’m not sure what the easiest solution is. Since you sent me the 44 encounters with identity conflicts, I’m not sure if it would be easier for me to sort through the raw data and create new occurrence folders for these cases where there are multiple individuals in the same occurrence/encounter. Then you could push the individual IDs to a new set of more thoroughly sorted occurrences. Otherwise, I’m not sure how to create a new encounter and move photos to it (within the same occurrence). I know it’s possible to have multiple individuals in the same occurrence although I’m not sure how to manage the system well enough and cannot seem to find the keys.

I had originally batch subset the data by hourly intervals, so there are several cases where there are multiple individuals/cubs in the same occurrence/encounter.

Hi @evebohnett ,
I moved this to a new topic because, while related to the old topic, it is a separate issue and this makes it easier to track the problems we have already resolved.
I will get this in front of someone for advice shortly.

Hello, Eve!
This is on my radar now, and I’m looking into it! I will report back as soon as I learn more.
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I also have several links that have multiple annotations and some of the annotations are wrong and need to be corrected. Here’s the entire list of all of the problems I’m having if you needed to see a few examples. It think going through one or two of these links you will see pretty quickly where there are errors.

multiple annotations

multiple individuals

Hi, Eve!
Here’s my response to the first half of your question:

And here’s some supplementary documentation that might be helpful: Matching Process | Wild Me Docs

Does this answer the question you were asking?

I’ll follow up on the second half of your question asap.

Hi again, Eve!
Looking at some of your “multiple individuals in a single encounter” links, you could mean that one or both of two things are going on:

  1. You have several different images (a.k.a. media assets) associated with a single encounter. Some of these media assets only contain one animal with a bounding box in green drawn around it, denoting an annotation. Scrolling through the media assets, maybe you’re noticing that the bounding boxes in green are featuring different animals. If this is the case, I think what I would recommend would be removing the images not belonging to the focal animal of the encounter (hamburger menu → remove this image), and then uploading that image as part of a separate encounter (navbar → Submit → Report an encounter). See Encounter | Wild Me Docs for more details
  2. Maybe instead you mean that multiple animals are being shown with bounding boxes drawn around them, one in green and maybe one or more in gold/yellow. In this case, the green bounding box is showing the animal (or animal part, in some wildbooks) of the focal encounter. You can click to see the other animal (or part) - which has a different encounter it is associated with generated automatically! - by hovering over the yellow/gold bounding box and clicking the arrow that pops up. When you’re in that new encounter page, you can associate it with a (brand new or already-existing) marked individual as Jason Holmberg indicated here: New Individual in an Encounter/New Encounter - #4 by jason.

If you haven’t had a chance to peruse the Wild Me Docs yet, I’d definitely recommend it. I use it as a reference myself all of the time!

Incidentally, if you notice anything in that documentation that is not crystal clear, we would love to hear about it!I hope that this answers your question, but if i doesn’t, please don’t hesitate to seek further clarification!