No automated submission emails

Here’s the latest test submitted from my test account with the all-readonly role. Submitter and photographer were manually changed to AJT’s name and email and assigned as a new individual using a separate admin account.

Encounter 1:

Encounter 2:

It appears to have triggered all the correct outgoing emails according to my dashboard. They’re listed as being delivered. If he still doesn’t see them in his inbox, this is likely a configuration issue with his inbox as the emails are being generated on our end.

I’ll delete the test encounters and test individual once I hear back.

Here’s a screenshot of which events triggered the emails to be sent.

Well @Anastasia, super weird results. he did get the test ones you sent. But then since I was actually in the middle of processing some of his real encounters, I asked if he got those emails and he said NO! wha??? #gremlins

Can you link me to a couple of his real encounters to I can compare what could be different between the test versions and the actual ones?

Sure thing. Here is one that has been submitted but not processed yet…

And two that have been submitted and processed already

Hi @Anastasia …another theory or lead here… recently (like after 9th May) any email I send to ATJ gets rejected by his microsoft account…who apparently now thinks I’m spam. He and I have been trouble shooting this in the background, and wondered if it might be related to the issue… Andrew’s comment regarding the lack of automated emails: I actually think it is caused by your inability to send emails to me. I suspect when you do the final step in updating an encounter so that it sends the update email it is actually sent from your computer using your regular mail servers but with as the sender. It fails and the delivery failure notification goes to

I have no idea if this is correct or not, so just ignore if it doesnt help. It might be something totally different…or not…

And we have devised a test that might help…there are two unapproved encounters in the ‘unapproved encounters’ box from Andrew Trevor-Jones. You’d be welcome to approve them yourself and see what emails he receives. Might be useful!

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All notification emails to SeadragonSearch users will come from regardless of which admin triggers an action that sends an email. So far, those actions are:

  1. User submits an encounter
  2. Admin assigns a new individual to an encounter
  3. Admin assigns an encounter to an existing individual

I actually haven’t updated the approved/unapproved states in any of my tests! I don’t believe that action triggers an email; only one of the actions I listed above. It looks like both unapproved encounters already have individuals assigned. Assigning the identity to either one should have sent an email. I do see that he got the submission emails for both of these encounters, but not for the individual assignment.

When you assign an individual to an encounter, is is typically through the match page or from the Identity section of the encounter page? In my tests, I’ve been doing this from the Identity section. I’m curious if adding the ID from the match page could be what’s not sending the emails.

Ahh ok, apologies, I thought it was approving the status triggered the email. Nevermind. As for your question about ID assignments, I usually assign a known match through the Match page and the check box and confirm button, and assign new matches from the Identity section.

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Thanks! I’ll keep working on this to figure out where the discrepancy is occurring. I’ll let you know if I have any follow up questions or start another round of testing.

@NeridaWilson I added some additional roles to your username (adoption, rest, rest-readonly, all-readonly). They’re non-functional roles, but in case that’s the missing difference between your account and mine regarding email actions, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add them and see if they make a difference the next time you’re reviewing encounters.

@Anastasia sadly no joy. at least from ATJ’s check anyway

Thanks for checking!