"No match" confirmation is not possible

Amphibian and Reptile Wildbook - Bombina variegata

Entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred:


During the match process, it does not work to confirm a “no match”. The following note appears, see the second picture. Afterwards, it refreshes the page but it still does not work or led to any change. Nevertheless, it does work on the project overview page with “mark new”.
Is there anything you could do about it? If it worked, it would be great for the workflow and save time.

Thank you
Mona :frog:

Hi @MHederich

Clicking “No Match” on an Encounter with an ID already assigned has no effect…the individual already has an ID. In the context of a Project, No Match should add the Encounter to a new individual with the next sequential ID in the project. In this case, the existing ID is blocking that. If there is no match, it is a good indicator that this ID is already unique.


@jason thank you very much for your answer!
I see. I just assumed from the text (see photo) that the individual would then get a new Project ID, as with “Mark New”.
As here in the photo; GU-00664 is the Project-ID and GU_LIE2013_656 is the Individual-ID.


Nevertheless, I see your point and can work around it.


Hi @MHederich

I have filed this as ticket WB-1919 and will have the engineering team see if this is a bug. I am less familiar with some the original Project-related behavior.


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