No matchable detection on a correct annotation

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? ACW

What operating system were you using? Win 11

What web browser were you using? latest chrome

What is your role on the site? admin & researcher

What happened?
2 different wild dog researchers have reported this issue - encounters with correct body annotations are showing as “no matchable detection” per this example (links to this and other examples below):

Here is the sighting link for the above encounter. Important to note that all encounters except the 2nd one in the list have “no matchable detection”: Wildbook for Carnivores | Login

What did you expect to happen?
These should all be able to be sent to identification

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue?
So far, I’m only aware of this problem with wild dog annotations. But it doesn’t appear to be happening with all wild dog encounters/annotations, as in the sighting link above. No idea why.

Your help is very much appreciated!


cc: @PaulK

Hi @ACWadmin1

I looked at the image and it appears that the user may have taken a photo of their computer screen and then uploaded that image to ACW.

Reasons that No matchable detection occurs include issues with image quality. They can try manually adding an annotation and matching from there to see if that helps, but I’d recommend they upload the original image to ACW instead of the photo taken of their computer screen.

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