Notification upon submitting report (on screen and via email)

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
When you submit an encounter there doesn’t appear to be a page or notification that pops up that say encounter submitted. It just clears the robot check box again making it seem like it didn’t work and all of the info still remains on the page. Is that normal? Is there any way to have a confirmation page and also a confirmation email sent out that thanks them for their submission and says we will contact them with any questions or information related to their submission in the near future?

How would this functionality help you?

Currently as it stands the submission doesn’t appear to have gone through so people will likely submit multiple times and then give up if they don’t think it is working. So we will get double encounters and then ultimately less report.

There is a confirmation screen. It does eventually appear, but a machine learning error is slowing down the appearance. I will respond here when we have restarted that server.

The server has been restarted, and I am seeing the confirmation screen appear a few seconds after the submission.


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