OrgAdmin outstanding items - access to Org's data & incorrectly seeing all bulk imports

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I know how easy it is to get snowed under by the constant flow of posts here on the forum, alongside the firehose that is email. And slack. And whatsApp…

So I hope you don’t mind if I push a couple of previously reported issues back up the list as both are currently preventing a multi-national organizational roll out of Whiskerbook as well as a separate, full national roll out of the same. On top of those issues, we have a number of other OrgAdmin users who need these fixes to improve their workload.

  1. Ability for OrgAdmin role to have access to all data of all users who are members of the same organization. This will eliminate the need to set up and maintain data sharing collaborations across organizations which, in some cases, represents dozens of collaborations needed. It also depends on members to keep those collaborations in place, representing a data accessibility risk for organizations.
    This request is posted here: Access to other users' bulk imports - #5 by ACWadmin1

  2. OrgAdmins see ALL bulk imports in the system on the main bulk import page, rather than just theirs and those of their collaborators. Currently in ACW, for example, we have over 2500 bulk imports which all have to load in an OrgAdmin’s browser before they can filter to and select their bulk imports and those of their collaborators.
    This causes the bulk import log page to take a very long time to load. Even on my own great bandwidth, it takes more time than I’d like it to. But I’m not the one who needs this changed. It’s the impact for those in the field with poor bandwidth that is the real issue. It can take minutes for this page to load. Since most of our users use bulk imports in ACW, this can be a daily delay in their workflow.
    This issue is posted here, albeit as a feature request rather than a bug. @jason subsequently acknowledged this as a bug so hopefully it can be addressed as such.

Thanks as always for your assistance with these items.


cc: @PaulK

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I can’t answer to this post, so I cheat a little bit and answer here :innocent:

This is trully AMAZING ! In particular but not only the addition of orgadmins rights, which seems to me to work perfectly.

THANKS to @ACWadmin1 , @jason , @Anastasia , @tanyastere , Lasha and all the team members I don’t know. The new features that you have crafted (and/or have contributed to promote or build) are incredibly valuable to our organization. :star_struck:


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YES!!! HUGE thanks to the whole Wild Me team for these updates!

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Thanks for bumping this, because I was trying to find this post to update it with the latest release details. :sweat_smile: