Potential matches not visible

What Wildbook are you working in?

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?

Hi Guys!
Since a few days we are not able to complete the matching process on our encounters.
My volunteers have correctly uploaded the encounters (with the account AWdF), the annotations have been created and the identification seems to have run correctly, but once we hover over the potential matches to our encounter in the last step, we can not actually see the picture of the fin suggested as a match.
In other words, the box with the pictures of the potential fin matches is stuck on the first result no matter which shot from the 12 options we are actually looking at. Moreover, we run into an error even if we try to match the encounter to any of the suggested ones.
It is the first time that this happens since we started using Flukebook.
I have tried from two different browsers (Chrome and Safari) and the problem remains.
Could you advise us? Thank you in advance!


HI @cbresciani

Can you link to a couple of examples so I can research this further? Thanks!

Hi Anastasia!

Here a couple of examples:

Thank you!

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Thanks for the examples!

Last week’s Wildbook release made a change to the match page so that you need to click on each match rank to view the match candidate. I verified that the images change when I click on each candidate across both links.

This was in response to feedback that the hover-to-view method made it difficult when comparing multiple columns when a larger number of match candidates are displayed (beyond the default 12).

Thank you for your time Anastasia!

I understand, thank you.

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