Spot a Shark AUS - Website Pages, can we edit?

Is there an opportunity to take over the main page of the Spot a Shark website so that we can update content, add videos, change it around a bit etc? We would like the opportunity to make changes to the home page, the learn more page, and change some of the menu layout? Might be easier than asking your team to make changes on our behalf?

What Wildbook are you working in? Spot a Shark Australia

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?

Hi @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark

We’ve been encouraging organizations to set up a Wordpress web site to better manage their own branding and messaging. A good example is:

and the corresponding Wildbook:

This would allows sensitive information (e.g., # left individuals and # right individuals) to be maintained by you while Wildbook remains the data management framework. We recommend you move in that direction.


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Hi @jason

We would be very interested in this approach. Could we use WIX to set up our website, or does it have to be Wordpress?

Do you know who in the Seadragonsearch team I could contact to learn more about how they did it?


@ChrissyTustison do you have any suggestions for a contact person in Seadragonsearch?


Hi @MarkF and @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark, that’d be me! :slight_smile:

I set up the SeadragonSearch website using Wordpress, and while I’m far from a web developing expert, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned along the way. Feel free to message me at if you’d like to bounce ideas around!


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Hi again, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !
I don’t see any reason that WIX could not also be used. There’s nothing inherently opinionated about Wildbooks in terms of how they might plug into website builders like WIX or Wordpress.

@ChrissyTustison thanks so much for helping to make this connection!

Sarah, may I mark this as resolved?
Many thanks,

Hi @MarkF , I have had a go at creating a test site like this; Get Feedback -

The intention would be to make this the landing website, and then when people click on the “submit a photo” or “view gallery” they get through to the US website, lets say its called (which will be a cut down version of what we have now).

For administrators they would go through the website and use it to review and approve encounters as they do today, but probably have all of their items under one menu bar for “Administrators” or something.

Might be best to arrange a video conference with us and @Sean_Aus_SpotaShark to discuss the best way to achieve this.

I also want us to have more control of the mailbox as I want us to have control of what goes out in those automated emails - they are a little confusing and junk like at the minute. Would be better if we could control when emails get sent. Happy to manage as a separate ticket, or just continue in this one?

Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !
That site looks cool!

Changing the url associated with spotashark AUS’s Wildbook instance is totally doable. As is changing the messaging in the email and removing what you’re calling the “junk” lol.

As for changing how the email workflow works to place that more under your control, I see a few options:

  1. If you want to recruit our assistance for something like that, that would be a feature request that would require non-trivial dedicated time from one of our staff members. It would also involve yet another customization specific only to this wildbook instance, which is something we are resisting as our client count continues to increase and we have most of our staff dedicated to our Codex product. Frankly, it is also likely to be expensive for you guys, as are the other customizations proposed above.
  2. You would be welcome to explore configuring mailchimp on your own. I’m not quite sure how this might work, but I imagine that it might be possible, albeit quite difficult.
  3. Wildbook’s SAS AUS branch is open source. You might could make the changes to the email templates yourselves and issue a pull request that we could merge and deploy. Those words don’t have to mean anything to you yet, but basically, you could make proposed changes to the code (or, in this case, text) of your wildbook instance, and we could deploy said changes. This seems like a middle-of-the-road approach between the two above, granting you both more power and more responsibility. It would have a bit of a learning curve.

I do think a meeting is a great idea, since I believe that @jason has expressed interest in bringing SAS AUS under the fold of a pan-shark Wildbook instance in the recent past. But I wanted to manage your expectations a little bit in terms of what is realistic for us to do about email templates and the other proposed customizations. It also make sense for @tanyastere to be at this potential meeting, so I’m tagging her here as well.

Many thanks,

Hi @MarkF,

Fabulous. We have been continuing to work on what the landing page would be for our spotashark website (draft here We think it will take us about another week before we are ready to launch. We are going to add a shop too that we can manage and raise money for Wildbook and our local surveys, but this is still in progress.

We would be looking to set up a new domain such as that the wildbook would be attached to. It would be a slightly simplified version of the website we have now. I have attached a draft plan for how it might look.

The email piece sounds a little more complicated but we are keen to take this on, and so yes a meeting would be great to understand it a little more. And as for the learning curve, I am always keen to learn :slight_smile:

Whilst it will help enormously to change the email text in this way you describe, I wonder if we can also have control of when emails are sent? It seems that any time an encounter is edited at the moment it emails the submitter and photographer, which is a bit overkill since we may have only edited the ID name of the shark. Can we review what triggers an email and maybe limit that?

Thanks for all of the help - looking forward to catching up. I think if we could plan something for Thursday 9pm-10pm our time (finishing roughly at this sort of time for us)?

Please can we set up a call to discuss and finalise this so that we can arrange the domains and understand how to manage this change?

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Hi @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark ,
I’m Tanya, the Director of Product of Wild Me. I’m glad you’ve gotten some support here on the forums for your product direction questions. However, this is not really an appropriate place for such discussions or for posting zoom meetings. I’ve changed this thread to be unlisted.

We are happy to meet with you all, but the timing should be negotiated in the email thread that Mark started. Expect the conversation to cover a number of topics, including platform future, costs, and priority of work, as well as topics you want to bring to the table.

Thank you so much,

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Sure apologies for setting up a zoom on here. I had tried to ask for a video conference twice already in this thread and wasnt sure how to set it up and so just added a zoom link. Thanks for reaching out separately to manage

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