Submitting encounters with already-existing email addresses database constraint issues

Hi @MarkF

I tried to submit a test encounter today but upon clicking “Send encounter report” on the “Report an encounter page”, I keep getting the following error (see screenshot attached below). This is probably unrelated to the email confirmation issue, but I’m not even able to get to that point right now. It seems the form doesn’t like me using my email address linked to my user account…? Any thoughts on what’s going on?

Hi, @mollymorse !

Oh interesting. If I had to guess, my guess would be that you tried to submit while not logged in using your email address.

What happens if you log in and submit the encounter?


Hi again, @mollymorse !

I created another ticket for this error that you saw. At the very least, we need to improve the user interface to warn users that a user with that email address already exists in the system. That issue is being tracked internally as WB-1795.

However, if you can log in and submit and encounter to confirm the current issue at hand, I would be very grateful for that!

Many thanks,

Hello @mollymorse ,

I’ve had a try at replicating your error and was not able to thus far. When I was logged in as myself and filled out the “About You” email/name field as @MarkF, it set my account as the submitter ID (managing researcher) and him as the submitter user in the left side column.

When I tried while not logged in it did not set a submitter ID and still had Mark as the submitter user in the left side column.

Could you further detail the steps you took to produce this error so I can replicate it and troubleshoot?


Hi @colin, thanks for looking into this.

To further detail my steps:

  1. I opened the SGSB website from my Google Chrome 93.0.4577.82 (Windows 10), clicked LOGIN, and logged into my account as usual, which is linked to my email
  2. Submit > Report an encounter
  3. Selected a dummy photo to upload; encounter date = 9/20/2021; where was your sighting = Santa Barbara, CA; About You: Name = Molly Morse, Email =; Comments = TEST
  4. Send encounter report… then this error page pops up

Hi Molly,

Thanks for your patience on this. Mark and I were unable to replicate the error for a long time, but finally found out what was going on.

I have repaired your user account, and those of a couple other users. You should be able to submit encounters normally now.


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Thanks @colin, appears to be working now!

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