Unable to assign Encounters

Hi I am unable to assign giraffes preferred ID according to my study area, Giraffespotter keeps telling me access to this resource is limited and an invite to collaborate is pending.
When I clink on rapid assessment and view, to select a new name for the encounter etc. the system tells me user unauthorized.
So i have successfully update using bulk import sent to identification etc.

my next step is to start updating them as new encounters, label them etc. Can you please guide me through.

Hi @Aggrey

Can you email me your spreadsheet to services@wildme.org so I can take a look at what might be causing this? Thanks!

Thanks for sending over your spreadsheets! I suspect that the issue is that the Encounter.submitterID field is case-sensitive. The Bulk Import preview highlights it in green to show it’s a valid entry, but then it doesn’t assign any of the encounters in the import to you. I did a test upload with your username in all lowercase letters so that it matches what I see in the user dashboard and it correctly assigned the test import to you.

My recommendation is to delete the bulk imports, update your spreadsheet so that your username in the Encounter.submitterID field is all in lowercase letters, and then try uploading it again.

Edited to add: I’ve tested this in other Wildbooks and verified that the submitter ID field is case-sensitive, so I’ve updated our Bulk Import help doc and Bulk Import Cheat Sheet to reflect this.

Hi Anastasia,
Thank you so much for all the help.
Let me work on it and will keep you posted.
Thank you!

Following up to let you know we have a ticket for this issue: Show a warning when Encounter.submitterID field is invalid during bulk import · Issue #304 · WildMeOrg/Wildbook · GitHub

Even though we know how to avoid it, we should make sure the bulk import workflow can let users know if there’s an issue with the Encounter.submitterID field.

Thank you so much Anastasia, this will be a big save!!

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