Users not receiving update emails

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I was just going to make a topic about this. Sorry even after reading through the thread I was unable to understand whether this was a on off email issue or something else. My adopters report that they are also not getting the emails for re-sightings, also people no longer seem to be getting the “congrats you found a new manta” or the “your manta has been matched” emails.
Following this thread.

Hey there,
I’ve moved this to a new thread. This better enables us to track new issues as they pop up and makes it easier to see what the solution was for a given reported issue once it’s been marked resolved.
Is the issue you’re experiencing only impacting a subset of users, or is it impacting all users on MantaMatcher?

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I believe it is impacting all users. @AFlam are you still having issues with adoption, resighting, and new individual emails being sent out?


I’d just like to touch base with this thread and say that we are still looking at this along with some other reported issues with emails. We can verify that new encounter submission emails are going out, but are still tracking down the other forms and trying to locate the problem. Thanks for your continued patience on this, email configuration and bugs are quite complex and we will update you as soon as we know more.

The work ticket we are tracking this under is WB-661.


Hey all,
With the change to the new email provider, this appears to be resolved, confirmed with our testing. I’m going to mark it as resolved, but feel free to test and let us know that it’s working for you too!

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