View match results - wrong encounter in match results page as target

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? ACW

What operating system were you using? Win 10

What web browser were you using? latest chrome

What is your role on the site? admin

What happened?
I opened this encounter record: Wildbook for Carnivores | Login
I selected Match Results from the zebra menu
And got this match results page: Wildbook for Carnivores
The target encounter record is from a separate encounter from the same media asset: Wildbook for Carnivores | Login

What did you expect to happen?
Encounter I selected Match results for would be the target encounter on the match results page


Hi, Maureen!
I have reproduced these results. We are tracking this issue internally as WB-1505.

Thank you,

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Hi @MarkF - we just had a recurrence of this issue.
Here’s the encounter link:
Here’s the match results page showing a different animal from the same media asset as the target annotation: Wildbook for Carnivores



Thank you for this, Maureen!

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Hi, @ACWadmin1 !

I chatted with Jason Holmberg about this earlier today.
Here’s what we suspect: when someone draws a manual annotation in a mediaAsset containing multiple animals, the cloned encounter and the annotation to it might be inheriting some other weird match information.

This seems to be a rare event, and the workaround seems to be just re-running the match. JH did just that for the encounter you provided above, and now the annotation image looks to be correct.

This ticket may go on the back-burner a bit in terms of priority, given the rarity and the workaround.

Hoping this helps!!

Okay thanks Mark. I’ll let you know if we see it again.


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Hi @MarkF - we found another instance of this issue; I thought I should log it so you have it for reference.
Match results: Wildbook for Carnivores
Since we re-ran matching and got the correct target, here’s a screenshot of what we saw:


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Thanks for documenting that, Maureen!
Looks like re-run fixed, though, yes?

Correct, yes, re-running fixed the problem. thanks

Hi @MarkF - this is no longer a rare event. We’ve been seeing this multiple times a day and with multiple users. And with connectivity/performance issues, this is causing significant delays and negating the benefit of running detection + matching on import batches. Any chance this could get moved back up the priority list?

cc: @PaulK

Hey, @ACWadmin1 !
That’s above my pay grade. Looping in @tanyastere .

Hey @ACWadmin1 ,
This hasn’t really dropped off the high priority list; we’ve just had a couple of other emergent things take higher precedence. For example, we have a breaking issue with bulk import that has 3 people looking at it. Between that, vaccination, shift to colocation, and the rest, this is something that is still in high priority, but keeps getting bumped back to “not the biggest fire we have to put out”.
I’ll look to see if there’s anywhere we can refocus, but this is a bug I have been actively aware of since you reported it. I’m not sure what more we can commit to though.


Hi @tanyastere - sorry if I misunderstood @MarkF’s comment about priority and thanks for your reply. I thought it made sense to update the info on this issue as it relates to frequency. I know the team always makes best efforts and beyond to address issues and I know how priorities can shift as new issues crop up.


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Hi all,

I’m not sure if this is related but in case it is, I’m adding this slightly different take on the issue here. Please let me know if this should be reported separately.

I bulk uploaded a batch of ID’d spotted hyaenas yesterday - I ran both detection & ID from the bulk import task page.

Today, when I went to check the dataset, I selected an unassigned encounter ( that would have been cloned by the system as there were 3 individuals in the same media asset.
I selected the animal in the centre of the image to view match results. When I did this, I got 3 target encounters presented on the same page, with the one I’d selected at the bottom, rather than the top of the list:
Wildbook for Carnivores

I know that previously, when we ran detection + ID on a bulk import batch, it would display all encounters from that batch on the match results when any encounter’s match results were selected for viewing but I know that’s changed now so that only the encounter selected is the one that displays as the target image in the match results displayed.

In this case, only the 3 encounters from the same media asset were displayed on the match results page. However, not realizing this (@ 100% I can’t see that there are more target images below), I was confused by the target encounter at the top of the page not being the one I’d selected to view match results of - I clicked on the "match results for [encounter link] at the top of the page and it took me to the encounter I’d originally selected but the target image appeared wrong to me until I realized that there were 2 other target images on the same page, once I scrolled down.

So that was my bad, although having more than 1 target encounter on the page was unexpected. However, the confusion almost caused me to confirm the match between the top target image and the first proposed match, even though the link at the top left of the match results page referred to a different target encounter (the 3rd on the page).

But then I went back to the same original encounter record and selected “match results” again. This time, I also got 3 target encounters on the same match results page, and they’re the same 3 from the original media asset. But this time the encounter link at the top of the page was for the only assigned encounter of the 3 which was also the target encounter at the top of the page - which was the same as the one at the top of the previous match results page (link above) - is this making any sense?

So it seems at least somewhat related to the original issue reported here because clicking on match results from the same original encounter ( put a different encounter link at the top of the match results page.
That said, I think this is more related to the fact that the system is displaying all 3 encounters from a single media asset on the same page.

I hope this makes some kind of sense. Essentially, I think that displaying multiple targets on the same results page is confusing and I think should be fixed to only display the target encounter that was the one where match results was selected from, not others from the same media asset.


Urgency required for a fix on this - impacting many encounters & sightings

Some samples here:

Different Sightings

Rerunning matches is no longer resolving the issue and we are halted on matching for EWT Wild Dog census because I cannot put my user thru this. I personally went in and reran all of the matching on all of these encounters and the issue has not been resolved.

Please escalate the issue to the Max of your teams’ resources available.

Thank you.


CC @ACWadmin1

Hi @PaulK,

Your issue I was fully able to reproduce and fix. It was caused by a fix for Safari deployed on Friday that went wrong. I rolled it back, and I was able to re-run all three of your examples and see the correct annotation displayed in the match results. So this is a separate issue from the running thread above and should now be resolved on ACW.


Thanks Jason

Appreciate the quick response. I will rerun all the matching for these sightings.



Same issue recurring, even after I reran matches. unfortunately the rollback does not appear to have fixed the issue.




When I go here:
I click to the Encounter:
Then I click “match results” and see this result of the correct annotation:

Following your second link:
I click “start match”, and I get the correct annotation appearing in the results (a right side annotation):

For the third link, an encounter with a backleft annotation:
If I click “start another match”, I get this result:
which shows the correct back left.

This right-side annotation from this Encounter:
shows a right-side match after I click “start another match”:

I am seeing the correct annotation on the left side in the results now after the fix. What am I missing?

Thanks Jason. My bad, had to clear cache here to get refreshed results to show.