Being able to export the photographer name (and all the data)

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Whiskerbook and I guess all of them

What would you like to see?
Hi :slight_smile:
Some data cannot be exported, for example the “photographer name” entered in the encounter is not in the Excel Export File, only the submitter name is.
The Excel export should contain all the data of the encounters (or of the individuals), of course only within the scope of what the person doing the export is authorized to see.

In particular in our case, we really need the “photographer name” information.

How would this functionality help you?

The photographer name is very important to us because it is the only way to know who is the main owner of the data. This fonctionnality is very usefull to us and we need to be able to export it to use it and save it outside Whiskerbook.

Exporting all data has many uses: security backups, sharing information with other organizations or integrating it into other software we use, processing data for specific analyses, etc.


Hi, I’d like to add my support for this request and also add that all data in an encounter record should be exportable via the standard export format.
As @lucas says, the exports are critical for a number of reasons, some of which are the difference between organizations being able to use Wildbook or not. Several national gov’t organizations require that all data be provided to them - such as the French gov’t dept that’s overseeing the use to Whiskerbook by the lynx organizations that @lucas is in the process of training up and bringing on board.
In Africa, there are laws in several countries that don’t allow the ‘export’ of wildlife data beyond their borders.
Newly on-boarded Panthera are creating exports from their internal system to import into Wildbook for ID. They expect to be able to export as much of the data as they require out of Wildbook to be re-imported back into their internal system, where the do further analysis, research and reporting, including donor reporting. Gaps in the encounter standard export are not ideal for their needs.

So there’s lots of support in the ACW and Whiskerbook community for the standard encounter export to contain all data fields from the encounter record. I think that’s what everyone would like to have from that export function. Some data fields may have more importance to some organizations or for certain purposes over others, but if the export contains all the data, then the users themselves can easily delete any data points from the excel file that aren’t relevant for their specific purpose at that point in time.




I would also like to add support for this request for Spotting Giant Sea Bass.

We are seeking to calculate the # of photographers/submitters per month and year and cannot do so without the photographers’ names and email addresses in the exported Excel sheets.

Not to mention, this information in the exported Excel sheet will also allow us to quickly contact our contributors if we need more information. Lastly, we would like to have this function to safely export all of our data and metadata to secure our data offline.


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I would also like to add support for this request.

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