Internet of Turtles website crashing

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? Internet of Turtles

What operating system were you using? (eg. MacOS 10.15.3) Mac OS 10.15.1

What web browser were you using? (eg. Chrome 79) Firefox 89.0.2

What is your role on the site? (admin, researcher, etc) Researcher

What happened? IoT initially loads but when I run a match I can see the numbers for the matches but no photos underneath like normal. Sometimes the numbers disappear as a scroll down the page. After trying a few matches the page stops responding completely and will no longer load or refresh.

Lately, our team (ORP) has also been having trouble with annotation boxes taking a long time to show up or not showing up at all (waiting for detection).

What did you expect to happen? The match to run as normal

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue? I’m not sure but all of our team members are experiencing the same issues with the page not loading at all or it stops responding after a few minutes or match attempts.

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report

Hi, @Jill-ORP !
We’ve been seeing this issue and restarting IOT asap on our side as well.
The issue with IOT crashing is being tracked internally as WB-1736.

It does seem like there might be other issues that you’re reporting here, which we’re tracking interally as WB-1737. We’ve been noticing this in other wildbooks as well recently, so it’s possible that we’ve caused a regression with a recent update.

We very much hope to restore things asap!

@Jill-ORP or maybe @JoeRigby do you have a link to an encounter that’s still in “waiting for detection” mode, by any chance?

Hi, I’m also using IoT with ORP and have been facing the same issue of numbers loading without photos, and then disappearing and leaving a blank page like this:
Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 15.12.57

Yesterday I also got this:
Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 21.43.04

Here’s an encounter that’s still waiting for detection:

@MarkF we are still having issues with the detection process. Any updates?

Thank you, @JoGoodfellow and @Jill-ORP !
A swarm of us have been looking into the IOT crashing issue, and we’ve made some headway in extending the time-to-next crash. We know what is causing the issue in the proximate sense, but not in the ultimate sense just yet. Once we resolve that issue, we’ll start looking into detection.

Hi @MarkF!

I just want to pick up this conversation again, since the issues still remain. For some of our Team (different ORP accounts) uploads work on some days, on others not. Same for pattern matching - sometimes works, sometimes doesn`t. When it’s able to match, assigning an encounter to the match is not possible (see attached image).

Additionally, exporting individual search results as a SOCPROG Excel does not work, tested with different computers (Mac OSX 10.15.7, Safari 14.1.2 and Dell Win10, Firefox 91.0).

Had to come back to this since we have some reports to finish, so are a little bit desperate at this point.

Thanks already for your time!

Hello Steph,

I’m going to dedicate as much time as I can to this today. Could you supply me with links to a couple affected encounters and match results pages, and send one of the failing bulk upload excel files to

I’m sorry you are experiencing these issues.


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In my investigation so far I’ve had success testing some previous ORP excel sheets. I’ll need to try with a current one you are having trouble with to go further on that front.

For the pattern matching I will also need links to the encounter(s) where the issue is happening. I was able to complete a couple matching jobs myself. It would be helpful if you could let me know what browser and type of computer you are using, and further describe what happens when it doesn’t work.

For the problem assigning a name, you can see the User Unauthorized message on that encounter. In order to assign a name to this encounter you need to:

  • Be the owner of the encounter (Primary ORP user currently is)
  • Have the regional manager role for the location (you have Indonesia but not Malives or Laamu privileges)
  • Be an admin

Since It looks like all Maldives sea turtle data is either public or belongs to ORP and time is a factor for you, I’ve given you the Maldives and Laamu roles so you should be able to manage that data as long as the criteria above are met for both encounters. With these roles you will also be able to manage data from the public in these regions.

Hope this helps you get some more work done, look forward to hearing back about the examples.



Hi Colin, thanks for the speedy response!

The issue in assigning turtles from pattern match keeps persisting for me. Here’s a couple of encounters where it keeps happening:

When this happened before, I’d go and assign it on the encounter page manually. However, there’s a couple of turtles that does not come up on the drop down menu for existing individuals. I’ve noticed it with GR755 and GR803 (Both are very commonly sighted turtles with a lot of existing match photos in database). See below:

Here’s the encounters for GR755 and GR803:

hi! i checked into this and it appears the reason GR755 and GR803 were not showing up in the list was that the actual individuals for these 2 turtles were missing having their taxonomy set. therefore, they were not matching Chelonia mydas on the encounters.

i have set the taxonomy (see pages below) and they should now show up for this species.

hopefully this helps explain why some individuals might not be popping up in this list.

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Just tagging @JoGoodfellow on the above! Thanks, Jon!

Hi all, this was helpful, thank you for adding in the taxonomy set!

This still happens when I match:

Hi Jo,

I see that both these encounters are owned by the primary ORP account and currently have the name
GR862 assigned. Were able to resolve this issue?

It should only occur if the logged in user doesn’t have edit privileges on one encounter or the other. Which account were you using?

Please send me links to the encounters or match results if this continues happening, it’s much easier troubleshoot when those are at hand.


Hi Colin,

I’ve manually assigned the ID to the turtle on that encounter and then assigned it to ORP in order to process it quickly.

Here’s an encounter I haven’t processed further after getting the error message on User unauthorised for encounter:

Hi Colin!

Unfortunately, the problem remains for all “junior” ORP accounts. These include:

OS: OSX Catalina Version 10.5.3
Browser: Safari Version 13.0.5 (15608.5.11)

OS: Win10
Browser: Microsoft Edge

OS: OSX Big Sur 11.2.3
Browser: Safari - Version 14.0.3 (16610. AND Chrome - Version 92.0.4515.159 (Official Build) (arm64)

Each is signed in as researcher and runs into the same problem as detailed in the message above. Taxonomy is set correctly, as well as ownership of the encounter.

I am working on the main ORP account and have no issues.
OS: OSX Catalina 10.15.7
Browser: Safari 14.1.2

Thanks for the continued support, please let us know if you need more example encounters with the issue or similar!



This is still an issue of ownership and regional permissions. The Laamu account did not have full regional access, so the encounter owned by ORP could not be modified.

All Wildbook permissions are controlled by ownership and regional management- there isn’t a way for me to automatically grant full control of all ORP members data to all other ORP members.

For now I’ve added the Maldives and Laamu role to the Laamu account controlled by Isha, so this particular linked case should be resolvable.

You should try the collaboration interface. In your user profile, there is a box where you can search for other users. Once you have found a user you can initiate a collaboration. This collaboration means little on IOT for viewing purposes as it is a more open platform, but you can also grant edit privileges. The receiving user must approve this request. If the team all initiates collaborations with each other it may resolve this difficulty for you.

If it does not for whatever reason, we will consider creating a regional role for every location ORP operates in and granting this to each member. This would effectively make you data admins for the entire region, and the issue might need to be revisited if another research group enters the area and is uncomfortable with it.


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Hi Colin!

Thanks for the feedback.

I am having a little trouble understanding your answer though. Maybe I wasn’t entirely clear in the description.
So here goes:
One of our biologist uploads an encounter, thus has ownership of it. They run a match, but cannot assign the identified individual, which they were able to do in the past. They still are should be authorized for the encounter. Manual ID assignment is still possible. Only AFTER that encounters are assigned to the main ORP account and then it is correct that ORP users Lhaviyani/Laamu/North Male cannot edit it anymore or assign
Is the issue here not the ownership of the encounter but of the identified individual turtle? No, that’s not it, correct?

Since this is an issue for three accounts and not just the Laamu one, I do not think that overall admin rights are the way to go here.

Should I collect some example encounters with the issue to link here?

I will also give the collaboration a try, as you suggested.


Hi, @ORP-StephanieK !

Colin will likely get back to you very early next week if this has still not been resolved by then.

Thank you for the detail in your new response. I couldn’t tell from said response whether trying out collaborations has been a helpful avenue for you or not.

Please let me (us?) know if you try that out and are still having difficulty.